Meats & Market

315 Fayette Street
Manlius, NY 13104


Open M—F 10am—7pm
  Sat. 9am—4pm

Fresh meat case

Fresh beef, pork, poultry, lamb. Does our meat come from a distributor, sourcing meat from a broker somewhere in the Great Midwest? NO!! Our meat is ALL raised locally, without hormones or antibiotics, and then custom-cut in our shop.

In the shop you’ll see the map that tells you exactly which farms our meat comes from. And also in the shop you’ll meet Kevin, Emily, and Greg, our chefs/ butchers who prepare the meat. They will answer your questions about preparation and cooking, and be happy to recommend cuts and help plan menus with you.

For the day’s meat-case specials, follow @SideHillFarmers on Twitter.

Prepared Dishes

Take-home meals to enjoy! Ready-to-heat and ready-to-serve: meat dishes, sandwiches, salads, and sides. What sort of dishes or sides, you ask? The answer: according to what's in season at our farms and what ingredient-recipe combinations pique our chefs’ creative urges.

The offerings change daily, so every day you will find a different smorgasbord of cooked meat dishes, slaws and salads, interesting sandwiches, sides to make a meal. There are also frozen meals, for those who want to stop in and stock up. So drop in on your way home and get fabulous food that you can serve in minutes.

Follow @SideHillFarmers on Twitter and we’ll let you know what’s on offer today.

Local-foods grocery

Your own farmers market, six days a week. Our grocery is filled by local farmers: milk from Vernon, butter from Hamilton, eggs from Perryville, beans and flour from Cazenovia…you get the idea. Yogurt, produce, cheeses, salsas and sauces—produced in Madison, Oneida, Onondaga Counties.

But listen. This isn't just local: you may never have seen food like this. The butter is from grass-fed cows, and a yellow you've never laid eyes on before (well, naturally, anyway). The flour is a baker's dream: fresh-ground! The eggs are from foraging hens, with yolks of a deep neon yellow-orange.

In season, our shelves will be stocked with produce that have the terroire of their source farms. (Our Farmers page profiles will give you all the dirt—yuk yuk!)